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The entire assignment/presentation is basically to do a life cycle assessment co

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The entire assignment/presentation is basically to do a life cycle assessment comparison between recycled plastic bricks and concrete bricks and then proposing it to Habitat for Humanity Colombia. However for this task, I will just need for you to focus on the proposing to habitat for humanity Colombia part : Why and how should habitat for humanity Colombia adopt the use of recycled plastic bricks from Conceptos Plasticos.
This will be used as a script for a presentation but you can just write it in the format of an essay. It will essentially be a proposal on why Conceptos Plasticos (recycled plastic bricks company in Colombia) is a more sustainable and better option to use when building habitat for humanity homes in Colombia as opposed to conventional concrete bricks.
1. First talk about Habitat for Humanity Colombia (their mission, their projects, the types of homes or other things they build, the people they are building for – anything related to how it might be a feasible business to propose to) I included some notes on this in particular.
2. Talk about the problems with building using concrete bricks for habitat for humanity Colombia and how it is problematic with regards to sustainability
3. Talk about how using the plastic bricks will solve that sustainability solution (in the form of lower carbon footprint and others) and also (in regards durability or ability to withstand rain or fire maybe?, its ability to be reused since its like in a lego format where you can take them apart and reuse them. Why should habitat do this? Don’t just focus on carbon emission reduction but also the qualitative stuff (helps with waste management in Bogota, less plastic in street then less plastic in the water bodies, puts people to work (e.g., scavengers))
The plastic bricks will be more expensive, but cite benefits of lower emissions/more jobs when talking about higher price of plastic bricks for habitat for humanity.
I have included more information on the notes that you can look at. Please also do some additional research on habitat for humanity colombia in particular. If you do not have much information on Colombia, you can also use Latin America as a proxy.
I have attached some preliminary research we have on the rest of the project. you can definitely use the information there. it will be very helpful for you. In terms of information from Conceptos Plasticos, you won’t be able to find much information online. But we did write a lot of notes and have a lot of information on that since it came from the business itself (primary information – we interviewed them). So most of that information will be on the notes.

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