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My Brand Is: “ Kate Spade New York ” Instructions for the course project are fou

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My Brand Is: “ Kate Spade New York ”
Instructions for the course project are found in the course text listed in the syllabus on page 527.( I already uploaded it to the files)
Although the Brand Report Card assignment described in the text requires the evaluation of two brands, students will ONLY evaluate one brand for the course project. (My Brand Is: “ Kate Spade New York ”)
To complete the project students will assume the role of a consultant tasked with evaluating the selected brand. In the process of researching the selected brand, if students are unable to find data for a specific component of the brand report card, students are to recommend what the brand should do.
The project must be completed in MS PPT format.
The project must not exceed 10 slides, additional commentary to support the content of each slide must be added in the “notes” section of each respective slide.
Each slide must include a rating between 1-10 and rating must support the rationale provided on each slide.
Slide #1 (Heading) Managers understand what the brand means to customers Score: 9
•The brand demonstrates a clear understanding of the needs, wants, functional and emotional benefits specific to the target segment. This indicates that managers have engaged in research driven methodologies to collect rich insights about customer preferences of the selected target segment(s). Provide an example.
•The brand mantra for Nike is “Authentic Athletic Performance”. Examples of how this mantra permeates the brand strategy of Nike Women’s apparel are demonstrated by its tagline “Just Do It”, and across product development, customer experience and engagement. Examples include:……
•The brand has identified and outlined customer-driven boundaries for brand extensions that resonate with target segments. However, further analysis and development is needed to expand boundaries in the minds of female target segments as it relates to the development of plus-sized athleisure lines and…..
The course project will be submitted in the final week of the course.However, students should work on the project each week so that the project can be submitted by the deadline. Ideally, to stay on course with the project relative to weekly course content, students should aim to complete sections 1-5 by week six and sections 6-10 in subsequent weeks.
All sections (1-10) of the Brand Report Card are to be submitted in the final week of the course on the date indicated on the syllabus. PLEASE NOTE: PROJECTS SUBMITTED AFTER DUE DATE WILL RECEIVE A 50% POINT REDUCTION.

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