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The paper is 2-3 pages not including the cover page, abstract, or reference page

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The paper is 2-3 pages not including the cover page, abstract, or reference pages. You must cite at least five independent scholarly sources to support your position, using appropriate APA format.
Select a topic from the list provided below or one of your choosing. Using scholarly resources, suggest a fictional company, and incorporate your research findings to justify a business case for the use of technology.
Suggested topics: (Students may suggest their own)
Search engine optimization, use, and strategies
Security issues, problems, and solutions in organizational IT systems
Legal and technical problems and solutions in medical IT systems
Security on the Internet: problems and solutions
Facilitation of collaborative work using IT systems
Using virtual reality in businesses
Customer privacy issues
Challenges and technology solutions using social media
Data mining
Information security
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): trends and challenges
Customer Relation Management (CRM) system implementations
Enterprise Resource Planning system implementations
Human Resource Management system implementations
These are just general topic suggestions but focus and narrow your topic as much as possible. For example, ‘Internet security’ would not be an acceptable topic since it is much too broad and you could easily write 100 pages and not cover the topic effectively.
Find a business problem solve the problem with technology.
Not acceptable: Security on the Internet
Acceptable: Security of Internet wi-fi connections at The Coffee Shop.
Not acceptable: Virtual reality
Acceptable: Using virtual reality to train machine operators at Acme Corp.
Not acceptable: RFID
Acceptable: Tracking patient movements at General Hospital with RFID.
Book of Reference:
Names: Turban, Efraim, author. | Pollard, Carol (Carol E.), author. | Wood, Gregory R., author. Title: Information technology for management : on-demand strategies for performance, growth and sustainability / Efraim Turban, Carol Pollard, Gregory R. Wood. Description: 11th edition. | Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, 2018

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