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I’m working on a risk management question and need an explanation to help me und

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I’m working on a risk management question and need an explanation to help me understand better.Lee Life is a U.S.-based life insurance company with the following characteristics:  Lee currently offers 10- and 20-year term life products with face amounts up to $50 million.  It has the second largest share of annual sales volume for the 10- and 20-year U.S. term life insurance market.  Recent mortality experience has been higher than expected.  Lee reinsures all policies that have a face amount in excess of $5 million with a U.S.-based reinsurer.  Lee mostly invests in high-yield U.S. corporate bonds.  Over the past several years, management and staff turnover has been low.  Lee has followed a consistent corporate strategy for several years.  External auditors and regulators have not found any major issues with the company’s management or processes.  Lee’s systems use state-of-the-art technology.The ERM department created the following list of ten risk categories for classifying company risks:  Market and economic risk  Interest rate risk  Foreign exchange risk  Credit risk  Liquidity risk  Systemic risk  Demographic risk  Non-life insurance risk  Operational risk  Strategic riskClassify each of the ten risk categories as High, Medium, or Low Importance for Lee Life. Justify your choices.

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