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Chapter 3 introduces several important concepts in the study of consumer behavior. Many of these concepts may seem unfamiliar to you by definition, but you are exposed to these stimuli every day as you go about your daily lives. Choose one of the concepts presented in Chapter 3, review the textbook definition, then make a connection to a personal experience. For example, In the 2018 Marvel movie, Black Panther, the Lexus cars were created as “concept cars” for the film.
Lexus)quickly realized that consumer response to the well-designed, attractive cars was highly favorable and decided to create a Super Bowl ad featuring the car before the movie release. Soon the “Black Panther” cars were on display in Lexus dealerships everywhere.
This is an example of product placement. Clothing, soft drinks, computers, and cell phones are constantly used as “props” as a subtle form of advertisement.
On your way to work or school, take notice of any advertisements that attract your attention. What tools of perception does the marketer successfully utilize to grab your attention?

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