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Case study Content Good Morning, As discussed, I want to really target certain i

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Case study Content
Good Morning,
As discussed, I want to really target certain information and data in this Barry Zito debate. Here is what I expect from you guys…
A coherent argument that states whether or not you would have signed Barry Zito for the amount the San Francisco Giants did. For it to be a legitimate argument and not “opinion”, we will need some data to back your argument. You don’t need to be a baseball savant to look up stats and form an educated argument. Here are some stats and information to consider that should be included in your argument.
Who was the highest-paid pitcher in MLB at the time of the Zito signing in 2007? What did this contract look like? In other words, what was the market for Zito’s services?
What was Barry Zito’s contract before he signed with the Giants?
What were Barry Zito’s stats leading up to his contract with the Giants?
What were the stats for the available Free Agent pitchers we discussed in class? What were their market values in comparison to Zito? Would any of them be a better signing than Zito?
What were Zito’s stats in the years the Giants won the World Series titles with him on the roster? How much impact did he have on their Championship runs?
This is a research response. You need to include most, if not all, of the information listed above to form a legitimate argument. Check out,, to look for the information needed.
This paper should be 1-2 pages typed. It should include your stance and opinion of the Zito signing, and FACT/EVIDENCE backing up that stance.
Argument Question:
What is your stance on the Barry Zito contract? Do you feel the Giants overpaid him based on his performance in San Francisco and the market value in relation to other starting pitchers in MLB at the time?

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