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The exam will consist of a case describing a business situation and assignments/

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The exam will consist of a case describing a business situation and assignments/questions. In their answers and discussion, students will need to relate contents discussed in the course to the case. Learning objectives: Develop deep knowledge about the core idea of marketing and compare its role and importance in business practice in the context of other business functions. Reflect on the importance of a strategic approach to European marketing and know the basic approaches to marketing planning. Critically assess different marketing strategies and associated digital marketing instruments. Analyze, interpret and evaluate relevant marketing data results. Apply relevant marketing theories and analytical models, to explain how companies can successfully manage marketing and produce prosperity in a European and globalized environment. Identify ethical dilemmas in relation to firms’ marketing-related practices. Course content, structure and pedagogical approach: This course provides students with an introduction to the core principles, theories, and concepts of marketing, with a special focus on the challenges of companies operating in multiple European and global markets, and thus a greater societal context. Subjects covered include marketing planning and market research; innovation management; managing products and services; branding; managing prices, distribution, and promotion; relationship marketing; use of technology in marketing. The goal of this course is not only to provide an overview of the basic principles of marketing-related activities within firms, but also to demonstrate how an understanding of the wider global context which companies are embedded in influences long-term success. topics 1)Marketing Fundamentals 2)International Marketing: A European Perspective 3)Consumer Behavior 4)Marketing Strategies and Plans 5)Marketing Research6)Business Models and Innovation 7)Branding8)Managing Products and Services 9)Price Management 10)Distribution Management 11)Marketing Communications 12)B2B Marketing

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