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There are the details: Each group member should provide thoughts on both of the

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There are the details:
Each group member should provide thoughts on both of the following:
a. Thoughts about how at least one of the Emic Variations they present in the group’s submission reflects one of the Worldviews presented in course content, with a clear explanation of why this is so.
b. Thoughts about any example of Emic information provided by other group members. Reveal whether or not the alternate cultural interpretations/manifestations of the group’s chosen Etic Form would or would likely not be adopted/relied on by people of your culture (or if you worked with a cultural informant to complete this assignment, the people of their culture). Provide explanations for why the alternate cultural interpretations/ manifestations might be adopted/relied on or why they would likely not be adopted/relied on.
The group member’s article is in the etic doc.
ETIC FORM: Our group decided to focus on the etic of “political expectations” within our various cultures.
4 Emic Variations:
Types of Leadership:
Societal Integration:
Decision-making mechanisms:
Degree of control over people:
and Group Members/Represented Cultural Perspective
Group Member #1: United States civilian with African American roots.
Group Member #2:  Citizen of Hong Kong.
Group Member #3:  White American in the U.S. military.

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