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Chapter 12 Read Wrapping it Up Essay Scenario: Becoming more physically active T

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Chapter 12 Read Wrapping it Up Essay Scenario: Becoming more physically active
This scenario proposes two potential strategies to improve the health of preschool children; one addresses healthy eating and the other promotes physical activity. Choose one of these ideas and discuss which guidelines and resources identified in your readings could help you best design this strategy.
The Learning Tree Early Education program director, teachers, and support staff have
expressed a desire to focus more time and effort on improving children’s nutrition and
fitness during the coming school year. They are especially interested in increasing the
amount and rigor of physical activity that the 3-, 4-, and 5-year-olds participate in each
day. Since their initial meeting, the teachers have been reading journal articles and
reviewing online lessons for information that can be incorporated into their curriculum
plan. They also have consulted with a local dietitian and recreational therapist for ideas
about preparing healthier meals, increasing children’s participation in developmentally
appropriate physical activity, and designing meaningful learning experiences. One
teacher has offered to work with the school cook in a joint effort to revise the weekly
menu plans. Their goal is to incorporate more fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grain
products into the meals and to increase children’s acceptance of these food items. In
the meantime, the director has recruited a local volunteer group to build a new climbing
structure and to make modifications in the existing play yard so that it will be more
accessible for children who have motor limitations

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