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The Content Review & Reflection should be at least 2 pages total in length (12 s

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The Content Review & Reflection should be at least 2 pages total in length (12 size font, 1 inch margins, double-spaced) and each response should be about half a page at least in length. You must use supportive evidence to support your claims and MLA (parenthetical, in-text citations) in your response. You do not need a Works Cited page since we are using course materials only to respond to these prompts. Remember to review CRR: Content Review & Reflection before you begin. Your submission will be checked using Turnitin plagiarism detector– please review How to Cite Your Work And Avoid Plagiarism.
1. Describe the religious beliefs and practices of the Native Americans before the Europeans came to the New World. While we know there was a great variety amongst the practices of Native American spirituality, what commonalities did they share?
2. Was race identified with slavery before the era of European exploration? Why or why not? How did slavery’s association with race change the institution’s character?
3. What is meant by the Columbian Exchange? Who was affected the most by the exchange?
4. How did chattel slavery differ from indentured servitude? How did the former system come to replace the latter? What were the results of this shift?

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