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For Response 2, respond to the following prompt, and submit it as a Word Documen

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For Response 2, respond to the following prompt, and submit it as a Word Document in MLA format.
The Declaration of Independence presents a well crafted argument against the American colonies’ continued dependence on Great Britain by establishing a set of principles and assumptions applying to all nations, describing a situation in which rebellion is justified, listing numerous examples defining King George III as one such tyrant, and boldly proclaiming the colonies’ plan of action, given the above circumstances. Write your own “declaration.” Follow the form and style of The Declaration of Independence to persuade a particular audience of a cause you are passionate about. Your declaration should include the same structure imitating the style of The Declaration of Independence: an introduction, preamble, list of grievances or evidence, and declaration or call to action. Create an overarching set of assumptions or values (a particular worldview), describing a situation within such parameters that requires a certain course of action, provide examples demonstrating how your cause fits these criteria, and end with a strong call to action.

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