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Find and select a case study to which you will refer to demonstrate your underst

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Find and select a case study to which you will refer to demonstrate your understanding and illustrate reasoning to your responses. In your discussion, find quotes in your case to highlight, point out these to make your responses relevant. You may paraphrase to avoid overreliance on the text or plagiarism thereof.
Corporate communication is a crucial component of contemporary organisation. Communication strategies are aimed to strengthen the relationship between the organisation and its various stakeholders.
A. See definition and key concepts in the notes provided and discuss the following focusing on:
i) core elements within a contemporary corporate, organisation that are the critical in all communication and;
ii) elaborate on the importance of these elements and how they strengthen organisational communication operation.
(5-6 pages)
B. Motivate your professional preference on:
i) Incorporating the usage of new media and/or social media in corporate (organisation) communication,
ii) Limiting the usage of new media and social media in corporate communication activities and mediums in the workplace.
iii) Observations regarding the corporate/company’s communication style – is it accessible and open to all its stakeholders and/or public or is its closed? Discuss and explain in depth.
(5-6 pages)
C. Draw up a list of references (Harvard style) (1-2 pages)
NOTE: Make sure that you: explain, discuss, argue – look at all different sides of your arguments. Do not just provide facts and information. Demonstrate that you have researched and read about this topic.

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