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***5 WRITTEN PAGES*** ***5 POWERPOINT SLIDES*** Project Background • Fictitious

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Project Background
• Fictitious Company, “A Company Making Everything”, aka ACME Corporation
• Arizona HQ with 125 employees and 4 departments
‒ R&D (~25), Manufacturing (~25), Sales (~50), HR (~25)
‒ A group within HQ R&D also provides IT support company-wide
• 2 manufacturing branch offices, one in Nevada with 300 individuals, the other in
New Mexico with 100
‒ Small HR group at each branch office (5-10 individuals)
‒ Both branch offices are critical to company operations
• Exclusively uses Google gSuite for all office automation, voice & video
• Uses proprietary CNC (computer numerical control) system for manufacturing
which uses design files hosted on a restricted file server (competition sensitive)
• Using the top-down approach that we have covered in this course, propose a 5-
10 page high level network architecture and design for ACME Corporation,
‒ WAN and LAN architectures and topologies
‒ Network protocols and services, including location(s)
‒ Domain naming and IP addressing
‒ Security and Network Management
• No need for specific vendor product recommendations, as this report will be the
basis of an RFP (request for proposal) which will be vendor agnostic
• Fill in any needed details as needed (i.e., assumptions), especially to make the
effort of personal interest
• Prepare a 5-10 page slide presentation with highlights of the proposal
‒ (With per-slide narrations or notes)
Example Report and Slide Structure
• Cover page
• Introduction
‒ Problem Statement, Background, Assumptions
• Analysis and Discussion
‒ Observations
‒ Trade-Offs
‒ Recommendations
• Conclusion
‒ Including a written elevator pitch summary (this is difficult to do)

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