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EXE # 1 Groups of Two
Present your understanding of three historical sociological paradigms; using three contemporary sociological theorist.  That is, select one contemporary Sociologist for each of the paradigms (Structural Functionalism, Social Conflict, and Symbolic Interactionist).
Each contemporary theorist should correlate with the historical paradigms. In your explanation discuss, what was found when applying the paradigm, along with each theorist contributions to sociology. Be sure to discuss the research methods and or designs (Qualitative, Quantitative, Mixed Method, Participant Observation, Survey, and Experiment) used by each theorist when conducting research.
•    Three academic references (Please do not use Wikipedia!) Perhaps the GCC Online Database: ProQuest, Opposing View Points, Encyclopedia of Sociology, CQ Researcher, Info-Track, Google Scholar, and the American Sociological Association.
•    APA format (APA Manual 6th Ed.) That is, Cover page (All member’s names of the group should appear on the cover page!), Reference page, and content, at least 750 words. Note! Only one paper per group!
•    750 -1050 words
•    Selection of  three contemporary Sociologist
•    Be sure to discuss research interest and contributions to the discipline
•    Must cite at least three references for support!
•    Be sure to cite references, format paper according to APA 6th ed. Guidelines
“,EXE # 1 Groups of Two

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