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It is understood that at this period of your life you are being pulled in many d

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It is understood that at this period of your life you are being pulled in many directions. For some it is school and work. For others it is school, work, family. It is also understood that when you have completed your education and can concentrate on your career and family you will still be pulled in many direction but hopefully you will have fewer constraints to your leisure.
Constraints to leisure are those things that keep us from doing what we want to do in our leisure or doing it as often as we would like. Examples of constraints can be time, money, transportation, availability, motivation, incompatibility to social norms, religion, skill/ability, safety concerns, etc. Anything you feel stops you from, or limits your ability to, participate in a leisure activity. Like all of the other influencing factors of leisure, there may be one or more constraints.
Review the required Assignment material found in the Module 7 Overview and Learning Material
There are two parts to this discussion board.
PART 1 – Reflect on the current constraints to your leisure and in 350 to 400 words answer two questions.
What one leisure activity do you feel the most constrained. This may be an activity you have never done, have done but do not do now, or an activity you would like to do more. This is sort of like winning the lottery…..what leisure activity would you do?
What are the three most important constraints preventing you from doing the activity or doing more of that activity? Please provide an explanation. These three constraints should be in a prioritized order (most constraining first, least constraining last)

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