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*Each post should be at least 50 words *I upload a file about the book we are re

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*Each post should be at least 50 words
*I upload a file about the book we are reading, you have to read Chapter 4 the posts are based of the book.
Post a Tweet/ an IG post/ an internet meme you found online about women’s sexual or reproductive rights – Analyze how your item is connected to our course concepts.
Explain how intersectionality impacts gender health disparities – local or global – by discussing an example from the news.
(The New York Times has free access for FIU students, or you can use any news outlet of your choice).
Making connections: Based on your first two posts, discuss why women lack sexual and reproductive rights and make a case for sexual and reproductive rights as human rights.
Comment on at least one of your group members’ memes posted on Thursday: Based on what you have learned in this course, discuss in what ways the meme engages with the theme of women’s reproductive rights. (POST #4 I WILL SEND THE MEME ONCE YOU FINISH BECAUSE I FIRST HAVE TO UPLOAD THE WORK IN ORDER TO SEE PEOPLES RESPOND)
thank you 🙂

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