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It’s a case study using Harvard méthode of reporting, You are the senior marine

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It’s a case study using Harvard méthode of reporting,
You are the senior marine engineer working for a ship and staff management company which manages the recruitment and staff development of ships officers.
Your current customer operates a fleet of 10 Panamax size container ships which are also currently fully staffed by your company. These vessels are around 4-5 years old and are all running using the latest specification of fuel oil.
The company is expecting to gain the contract to manage 5 new LNG carriers of around 150,000gt each. The vessels have the latest power plant with dual fuel capability and are currently being built in South Korea by the Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Co Ltd (DSME) to Lloyd’s Register rules.
To prepare for this opportunity, and to ensure that staff are flexible and able to serve across the different ships, the managing director is assessing the benefit of a significant staff development program which will be open to all the current staff serving on the container ships and prepare them to also work on the LNG vessels.
You have been set the task to:
Produce a comprehensive report for the managing director which advises him/her of the training that will be required by the current container vessel staff to enable them to be competent when serving on the new LNG vessels.
During discussions with the managing director, you note:
• Good staff development programs should be aimed at assisting the development of the company’s business, and also be of benefit to the individual.
• Your company expects to be responsible for the full technical management of the ships, which will be registered under the Flag of Bahamas.
• The report should include the importance of building upon the experience already gained by operational staff, as part of flag state requirements, and take into account the need to help staff understand the business and technical needs of their own company as well as being “customer focused”.
• You could start by thinking about the need for your company to build flexibility into their staffing pool by offering existing staff a training course to fully understand the “cryogenic” equipment and systems associated with the cargo on-board LNG ships.
• It could be that your company might think that officers should know about the wider LNG industry and the importance of the contribution that the ship’s staff make to the company’s business.
• You’ve checked your prior studies and can use the information about ships and regulatory qualifications required of staff from module 1, plus information about the science background of marine engineers and how this could be used to broaden the knowledge of the current marine engineers to become flexible enough to serve on the new ships.
• Learning from module 3 about ship design and different propulsion systems could also be considered when suggesting any training that may be required as staff prepare for the newer ships.
NOTE: The word length for this assignment is 2,000 words (+/- 10%). This excludes the contents page, references/bibliography and any annex/appendices.

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