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1. Discuss the problem of piety as it arises in the Euthyphro. How does the disc

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1. Discuss the problem of piety as it arises in the Euthyphro. How does the discussion of pietyarise in the context of the dialogue? What is the context?Does the context have any bearing on the topic of the dialogue? What are some of the answersEuthyphro offers concerning piety? • Are these answers satisfactory? Why does Socrates think that they are not? • What is Socrates’ agenda, his goal? Is Socrates sincere in his questioning of Euthyphro? • What is the purpose of the dialogue as a whole?In other words, what is Plato trying to accomplish through this dialogue? 2. What is knowledgefor Plato?To answer this question, please provide considerations of the three texts we have read so far: Meno, Euthyphro, and Republic. Essential to this essay will be some consideration of ‘form’—Socrates has brought up these term in each of the dialogues. What is ‘form’in Plato’s works? You might offer relevant quotations from each dialogue. What theory of knowledge follows from Plato’s notion of form? To put it differently: how do we come to know, or learn,things?Discuss the theory of ‘recollection’outlined in the Meno. Does recollection have anything to do with having a good memory and remembering lots of information? Why does Socrates assert the immortality of the soul? Consider the interlude of the dialogue: does Socrates teachthe boy anything? Why or why not? And does this shed any light on the notion of form? 3. Write an essay on Aristotle’s conception of substance.How do you understand ‘substance’? How are accidents related to substance? Incorporate Aristotle’s ‘Ten Categories’ (as articulated in the Categories) into your essay: come up with examples of your own for the ‘accidental’ categories. How does ‘predication’ relate to the categories? The ‘categories’are categories of what?Are these simply linguistic peculiarities? Or should we understand these categories to go beyond the limitsof grammar. How does Aristotle employ the concepts of ‘species’ and ‘genus’ in his investigations?And how does this help us to conceive of ‘substance’?Incorporate some treatment of Aristotle’s Topicswhen considering genus and species. Similarly, are ‘genus’and ‘species’simply conceptual or linguistic tools? Or, do genus and species point to realities? 4. What is the relationship between thought and language?For this essay, you should consider the relevant writings of Aristotle and DeSaussure. If you would like to, you may also incorporate Augustine’s The Teacherinto your answer. What is the relationship between concepts and words? Do words simply represent concepts that already exist?Concerning De Saussure, it will be important to outline his theory of the linguistic-sign: what is a sound-image? What is distinctive about his theory of language? What does it mean to say that the linguistic-sign is arbitrary? How does that fit into his broader theory?Are the theories of language articulated by Aristotle and De Saussure compatible?Consider what implications would follow from these theory of language concerning the possibility of gaining knowledge or understanding.

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