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Connects to the following learning outcomes: Cryptographic concepts; key concept

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Connects to the following learning outcomes: Cryptographic concepts; key concepts in information security. Grade Weight: Due date: October 9th, at 23:59:59 PM. Description You work as a cryptanalyst in the Navy. You are currently stationed on a submarine that is traveling in international waters, namely in an area that is monitored by a friendly country. Your crew is tasked with testing the ability of the friendly country’s Navy to accurately detect naval activity in the area at hand. Thus, your crew is participating in an exercise. After a series of evasive actions, your captain is not sure whether or not you have been detected. You are tasked with monitoring the radio communications that other ships and submarines in the area report to each other and their land stations. You intercept the following ciphertext: moiiiqkackocyaiqaiaemqqqmwqamoiaiia What do you report to your captain? Deliverable A single-page report in which you provide the plaintext that you recovered by cryptanalyzing the ciphertext, along with an explanation of your attack technique. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS DUE In 10 hours from NOW if you are able to deliver in 10 hours I will assign to you. Make sure you say in the bidding you are able to deliver in how many hours.

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