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Discussion Topic As you have learned, cultural identity refers to the feeling of

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Discussion Topic As you have learned, cultural identity refers to the feeling of belonging to a group with which you identify. The sense of identity you develop is part of who you are and shapes how you identify and perceive yourself. Your cultural identity is connected to many layers: society, country, race, ethnic group, religion, sexuality, profession, hobbies, sports, social classes, generation, and any kind of social group that has its own distinct culture. Take a moment to think about the different disciplines within the humanities, such as history, music, fine art, literature, film, and theater. How has music impacted your life? How about art, literature, or theater? Are you a reader, and if so how has literature molded who you are? Identify how these disciplines reflect your cultural identity. In your original post, Introduce yourself to the class and answer the following: Tell us about yourself and your hobbies, interests. Share the career field you are studying at ECPI and why you chose it. Then, explain how at least three (3) different examples from the humanities disciplines reflect your cultural identity. For instance, a work of literature could be anything from a book you loved as a child to a poem that speaks to you now. Include documented research about the work you have chosen. At least two (2) of your chosen examples must include a photo or a video. If you are sharing a photo, embed the photo in your post. If you are sharing a YouTube video, provide the URL and click “enter” to embed it. Keep in mind that you are in a professional academic setting. Some artistic forms of expression may be controversial, so please use good judgment about your selections. In your responses to your classmates, address the following: Share at least one thing you learned from their post. Provide at least one new item that relates to their chosen areas of humanities (picture, artifact, article, video, etc.). Be sure to briefly explain what you are contributing to. Remember to cite your sources (including images).

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