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For this assignment, please provide the following: 1) Describe your topic of stu

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For this assignment, please provide the following: 1) Describe your topic of study (no more than 1 page) What is the social phenomenon you want to study? Why is it important to study? What are the ways it could be studied by sociologists? How have other sociologists theorized this phenomenon? 2) Provide the historical and social context about your social phenomenon (no more than 1 page) For example, if you want to study how often African Americans opt to become organ donors upon their death, you would want to provide a brief history of transplant medicine, some statistics regarding the race of recipients and donors, and any other information you find in your initial research. 3) Why are you selecting this particular phenomenon and what do you hope to do your research will accomplish? (no more than 1 page) This is an opportunity to explain your own professional or personal reasons for why you want to theorize around this particular topic. 4) Using Abend’s 7 types of theories, how would you like to theorize this issue? (no more than 1/2 page) TOTAL PAGES: 2-3.5 pages Please use 1″ margins, 12-point font in Times New Roman or Calibri, and all pages double-spaced. For citations, please use ASA format which can be found here: Your works cited or bibliography does not count towards your 2-3 pages of the assignment.

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