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Help AMS Systems LLC understand how your skills and experience meet their requir

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Help AMS Systems LLC understand how your skills and experience meet their requirements. Why are you a great match for this role? Your answer should be specific and concise (250 characters or less). Details to that can be put in: “design and install custom audio/video integration systems that are intuitive and user friendly.” “ Audio Visual Intern • Exposure to third party component integration into industry standard VC systems including Cisco and Crestron • Ordered and maintained required stock as well as received and kept inventory for all gear located in the office. • Support and maintenance in over 500 conference room VC capabilities in accordance to Facebook standards • Ensured best practices of cable management daily in all New York Campuses to enhance user VC experience • Developed and collaborated on projects with team members resolving current and potential issues in the office • Exposure to task and ticketing queue system for incidents and repairs needed in enterprise support environment • Verifies that A/V signal input and output for video conference and remote presentation are working at peak efficiency” (Can search for more roles in ams system LLC to give in what they looking for) (Please reword what you find and what’s underneath the details I put)

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