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In this week’s trip, we will all become political campaign analysts. Log into th

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In this week’s trip, we will all become political campaign analysts. Log into the internet address, a campaign ad playlist website called the ‘The Living Room Candidate.’ During this trip, you will select two commercials, analyze them and present your analysis to the class. POST a LIVE LINK to each of the commercials in your assignment so we can see the commercials you have chosen. 1. Choose one campaign year and analyze an ad from a Republican and a Democratic candidate. Everyone must choose different ads. Post your campaign year and ad names (including the candidate’s last name) in the subject line of the post. In your post, you will be expected to discuss the following: 1. How would you categorize each ad? (for example, biographical, issue-oriented, value-laden, or negative). The website characterizes the ads. 2. Describe the language and tone of the ad(s). Is the narrator a male, female, or candidate? How do language and tone shape the overall message? 3. How do words, images, color, music, camera angles, lighting, people, and symbols contribute to the message of the ad(s)? Do you think they are effective? 4. Do you see any trends—in language, in style, in images/symbols, in people—in these ads? Can you find any common links between them? 5. How do the candidates’ ads attract or appeal to their audiences? Which voting audience are they intended to reach (retired voters, new voters, working voters, swing voters)? 6. How did the election turn out? This information is provided on the website. 7. Did the ads selected influence you? How would you change the ads to make them more effective? 8. Cite all sources including the live links to the videos as well.

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