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nstructions: Homework 5 needs to be completed using RMarkdown please read throug

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nstructions: Homework 5 needs to be completed using RMarkdown please read through the other materials to help you answer the questions for the homework. Pls save the RMarkdown file as a pdf when you are done! The second part of the homework is a journal. Journals are to encourage responsible consumption of statistics “in the wild” and understand how methodologies might be used in various settings, we will be reading or viewing news articles, podcasts, videos, etc. This content comes from a variety of nationally recognized and credible news outlets and will be posted on Moodle. Your journal entries should be written in response to this content.Journal entries will be worth 15 points each. I will post questions to help guide your responses. To receive full points for your journal, you must engage with the material beyond simply answering the questions–for instance, how does the article clarify topics we’ve learned in class? How did it affect you? Do you have personal connections to any of the material? Did this article make you rethink your own position or habits? I have chosen to do option 1 for the journal please follow the instructions mentioned aboved for the journal entry i also have attached the article for option 3 that you will need to read in order to do the assignment. Please send the homework assignment as a pdf from RMarkdown and the journal entry as a word document these should not be saved all in one document thanks! There is also a small quiz i need you to do this consists of 5 questions and the last questions is where you need to ask a question about something that confuses you about the class notes please read all the material for Week 5’s notes and only then i can send u the quiz question as once i start the quiz it gets timed! 🙂 pls make sure you follow all the instructions!

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