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Seventh Class Assignment: Question 1 You are appointed by the recently elected M

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Seventh Class Assignment: Question 1 You are appointed by the recently elected Mayor (with the advice and consent of the also recently elected local legislative body) to be the Superintendent of Police for the City of Pellucidar. Your police force consists of 136 officers, of various ranks and experience. Your predecessor was dismissed from the job, following a multi-million-dollar federal verdict against the City in a Section 1983 lawsuit that went to trial. As evidenced at the trial, the plaintiff, who is of South American origin, was ethnically profiled. When arrested, following an illegal entry, for selling baggies of heroin, he was brutally bashed by several police officers, who were also found liable at trial and subsequently dismissed from the force; a federal grand jury is currently investigating them. The evidence at trial also proved that for years, officers were not trained nor retrained on the use of force. Also, there had been a pattern and practice of profiling south Americans, and of illegally entering their homes. What risks do you identify within the Pellucidar Police Department, and, how do you intend to manage and minimize those risks prospectively? What measures would you prospectively take? (5points) Question 2In your opinion, should the U.S. Department of Justice file a federal suit under Section 14141? Discuss. (5 points)(10TOTAL POINTS)

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