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• Assuming the role of a marketing consultant, you have been tasked by the Marke

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• Assuming the role of a marketing consultant, you have been tasked by the Marketing Director for one organisation (of your choice) noted above to write a strategic marketing plan. Therefore, your plan should enhance the organisation’s ability to exploit major opportunities identified though the strategic audit (cw1). These could be, for some organisations a combination of several smaller opportunities or for others a major development (as identified though the strategic audit cw1). In doing so, you are to ensure your plan includes (but not restricted to) the following – in no particular order:
o Clearly defined/justified SMART objectives and detail justified strategic and tactical changes to the current marketing strategy.
o A critical evaluation of the organisation’s internal environment, value chain, and its current marketing strategy, in relation to its ability to meet consumers’ requirements and exploit two major opportunities.
o Recommend how the organisation will assess the potential benefits/problems that these two major opportunities may deliver
o Utilises and justifies proposed marketing mix, including notions of wrap-around services, supporting activities, re-positioning strategies etc.
o Concludes with an evaluation of the resources and control mechanisms required to deliver its proposed suggestions
o Discusses its potential source of competitive advantage, key success factors when benchmarked against competitors
o An analysis of the organisation’s strategic position and options open to the firm (SAFe/SPACE).

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