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I’m looking for a parent statement for admissions into a Private School: Lower S

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I’m looking for a parent statement for admissions into a Private School: Lower School (5th Grade). I’ve got 4 kids, applying to multiple schools, so all my statements are starting to sound recycled and redundant, and my brain is getting totally fried writing these things. So I’m looking to freshen it up. My intention is to take your provided statement and add my son’s name and other nuance/personal details as necessary. Here is the question, exactly as presented on the application: “For what reason do you want your child to attend XXX School?” The tone and style of this statement should be relatively casual. As if it is coming from a parent talking about their kid. The tone should NOT be academic in nature. Please avoid using obscure and haughty vocabulary. This is not a student writing to impress a professor. Around 300 – 500 words would be ideal. For purposes of developing the content of the statement, here are the attributes we like about the school: * From their mission statement: “we know, value, and challenge each student.” We like the focus on each student as an individual. They don’t employ a “one size fits all” approach to student development. *Important: we want all 4 of our kids to attend this school, and we feel it is best suited to handle the education/development of each child, despite their individual differences. * From their mission statement: “We graduate independent thinkers and globally aware citizens.” * They have a robust global studies program, allowing students the opportunity to learn through travel and cultural immersion. * The school is located in our neighborhood/community, and we like the idea of our son attending school with children he will know through the neighborhood and other recreational activities within our proximity (as opposed to other local private schools 20+ minutes away) About our son: * He is the oldest of 4 kids * He is a natural leader * He is smart (he tests as academically gifted) * He plays sports competitively (travel baseball), enjoys cooking, avid reader, video games like Roblox and Minecraft, enjoys surfing and fishing.

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