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nstructions For this assignment, you will develop a training PowerPoint presenta

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For this assignment, you will develop a training PowerPoint presentation on discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace that can be delivered virtually to educate newly hired leaders in your company.
In your presentation, you must accomplish the following:
Explain federally prohibited types of discrimination.
Explain the role of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in workplace discrimination.
Explain Affirmative Action plans your company may institute.
Summarize what constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace.
Your PowerPoint presentation must be at least eight slides in length, not including the title or reference slides. You must use the Audio function in PowerPoint to add at least 30 seconds of audio to each content slide. The audio should be used to expand on slide content and should not be a reading of the content. Remember, this training will be delivered virtually, so create your slides and audio content in a way that fully explains the content for the new hires.
You must use at least four academically reliable sources to support your presentation. All sources used must have citations and references formatted in APA Style. APA formatting of your PowerPoint presentation is otherwise not required.
The CSU Writing Center has created PowerPoint Basics to help you with this assignment. Adding Audio to PowerPoint can help you with the audio requirement portion of this assignment.

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