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Overview: The paper will study the deviant behavior of power and the role power

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The paper will study the deviant behavior of power and the role power plays within society. Specifically, studying how
power impacts our government, schooling systems and organizations. The paper must be represented in the sociological
literature. The paper should summarize the role power plays within society and provide an overview of the scope of the
deviant behavior as viewed through the cultural ethic, using a
sociological perspective (social conflict, structural functionalism, symbolic interaction) to frame an understanding of
deviance and why it is rejected, and provide an assessment of what should occur in the future with this form of
deviance. The paper should also highlight the change of power of the years, showing how it has evolved.
You must have all the 8 citations included in the annotated bibliography attachment. Additonally including other sourese from the media and popular websites.
Technical Requirements:
The paper should be 1,500 – 2,000 words long, double spaced, and use APA style. The paper should contain a title page and reference page.
The paper will be graded on the overall writing quality displayed, the use of the selected sociological perspective, the use of the research, the description of the deviant behavior, the assessment of the future and technical writing issues. Please carefully review the grading rubric as you work on your paper to ensure you earn full points.

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