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Write a paper that incorporates this unit’s topic that focuses on the public sph

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Write a paper that incorporates this unit’s topic that focuses on the public sphere and social change. As you read and prepare for class, think about what you know about social change. How does it happen, and how often is it related to things we consume and engage in the public sphere, such as music, art, and other forms of media? Think about how often you see viewpoints other than your own or if you live in a “filter bubble?” Where do you get your news and information about the world? What do you make of the phrase “cancel culture,” and why do you think it is popular right now? How much do you think the public sphere of the internet is a useful place to create social change? Do you encounter internet activism, and if so, how much do you participate in it? What forms of internet posting draws your attention or repels you away? What kinds of art or music are popular in the contemporary public sphere, and how much of it focuses on social issues or social change?
Your Paper’s intended audience is a scholarly or university-level academic audience. It must incorporate at least five (5) relevant and valid sources, including at least one source from our course readings in Unit 3, and at least two (2) peer-reviewed scholarly articles that were not assigned as classwork. It must follow professional format and citation practices (normally MLA Style 8th Edition) and be five to seven (5-7) pages long, including the Works Cited page. Unless your instructor states otherwise, it must use Standard Written English mechanics, usage, grammar, and spelling.

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